Metal Valley Netherlands - knowhow en ambitie in metaal

High tech knowledge centre for metal
Every day specialists and skilled workers are working on the future of metal. Much more can be done with metal than people often think, even solutions that were previously thought impossible. To arrive at such solutions we need an exchange of knowledge about metal as a basic material. The ambition of Metal Valley Netherlands is to develop into a high tech knowledge centre for each of the issues concerned.
The future is close at hand
Are you looking for a solution to a specific production method? Are you interested in a partnership? Do you have a question about design, engineering or production? Or would you simply like to know more about Metal Valley Netherlands? In that case contact us. 
Our ambition and you
When it comes to design, engineering and production, we have to move with the changes in the market. This is why Metal Valley Netherlands offers you partnerships with entrepreneurs, specialists and students. In our view the only way to create new opportunities for the entire metal sector is through open innovation.